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Bria Hartley | NCAA Powerhouse UConn | 2021 WNBA Season

TL is excited to welcome WNBA star Bria Hartley, point guard for the Phoenix Mercury, Recovering from an ACL injury, Bria tells us about her rehab, her goals for 2021…

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The Outlet: Chris Price, Cory Schlesinger & Bria Hartley

Hear from the voices inside the Bubble and the Wubble!

WNBA and UCONN Women’s Basketball Bria Hartley Interview

Arthur and Deke are joined on the podcast by WNBA and UCONN Women’s basketball star Bria Hartley! Bria talks to them about the WNBA season being postponed due…

Winsidr Show - Bria Hartley

This episode Bria Hartley of the Phoenix Mercury joins Aryeh and Rachel to discuss her season, Mercury, and overseas.

The Big League Philanthropist podcast shares stories of athletes and nonprofits…

Read About BRIA in Ballers Magazine

For Bria Hartley, playing in the WNBA was a dream of hers for as long as she can remember. Born and raised in North Babylon, NY, Bria recalls playing an array of sports growing up but quickly falling in love with basketball. She continued to play soccer, lacrosse, and basketball throughout middle school and high school… Read More

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