Bria Hartley

Who is Bria Hartley

Bria Hartley always knew she wanted to be an athlete. Born and raised in North Babylon, New York, she spent her early days playing a variety of sports. A self-described “late bloomer,” it wouldn’t be proven until her Sophomore year that one game set her apart from the rest.

Destined for basketball, she became a starting guard for UCONN — as a Freshman. With back to back national championships on her record, Bria was a top choice for the WNBA draft in 2014.

As a point guard for the Phoenix Mercury, Hartley holds the title for second-most points off the bench in franchise history. Overseas, she qualified for the Olympics with the women’s French national team. Now a seven-year professional athlete, she continues to make career-highs on the court. 

For Bria, “doing everything with all your heart” comes naturally. Whether designing sportswear for her fashion line, All Hart Clothing, or lending her skills to future players in AAU programs, Bria performs with passion. Her story is one of perseverance, and her career is the proof. She’s a teammate, a mom, a mentor, a muse. And she’s just getting started.